[Video] It's Time for the Truth About Foldables – Galaxy Z Fold2 1 Month Review

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  1. This phone is for common users that want to show off their phones….. this is not for ubuntu linux programmers… people that like Apple and Tiktok would like the Samsung fold who are the most common users..this phone is not for gamers.

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  3. Preorderd my Z Fold 2 and received it day one. Been several weeks of using it and boy am I disappointed with the end result of this review. However, I can't say I am surprised. After watching a lot of Linus' reviews, I didn't see him liking the phone from the get go. No hate here though and I respect his opinions. The only thing is, I do have full-screen Instagram and no notification bugs. In fact my Z Fold 2 has preformed exceptionally well. I won't try to over sell it though. There's a lot of pessimist out there that think this phone is junk and shit, people still think iPhone are cool. Wouldn't be worth arguing. Love my Z Fold 2 nonetheless and nothing will change my mind

  4. Foldable smart phones are literally the DUMBEST IDEA EVER! hey how bout you pay a ridiculously high price for a phone with a BUILT-IN weak spot! I'm more on board with the oppo x rollable screen but tbh it's all totally retarded! I have a regular bar style smart phone and it does EVERYTHING I could ever ask! Why are they trying to reinvent the wheel? Stupid ideas for STUPID PEOPLE who are ok with paying STUPID prices!😠👎

  5. That screen protector is actually the best plastic screen protector ever existed(Still inferior to any glass screen protector). Yes it is still kind of bad, but it is better than anything you can get for it later on, besides go back to Samsung and get one more.

  6. Love how these vids use the Samsung as the benchmark folding phone when it's an unnecessarily over complicated pile of cr😳p compared to the Huawei mate xs I've been using since the summer.

  7. Gotta agree. I haven't felt the need to replace my Note9. The 10 wasn't enough of an upgrade and he 20 series all seem to have compromises or stupid high pricing compared to what the similar model cost just 2 years ago. I'm hoping the 21 series will be a better series.

  8. What still usingnote 9? I been used note 10, note 20 ultra and fold 2, i still miss my note 9, i think note 9 is one of the best phone Samsung ever made.

  9. All these phones are shit stop promoting old technology
    Any phone with a punch whole or cut out is old technology
    Get with the program
    Mi even went backgrounds on some dumb shit
    I don't wanna see nothing on the front of my phone, simple

    FYI Mi Mix 3 still my favorite phone for practical reason wireless charging nothing on the screen storage ridiculously excellent battery👌🏾 my phone never dies flashlight on selfie camera 4k OLED 💯🔥

  10. Honnestly i don't see a future in which a small device can't do as much as a bigger machine. Like okay if you want to i dunno scan your whole house in 3D or play VR with haptics + stream etc etc.. you might need a cloud computer.

    But having a normal sized device that can transform to a productivity device when you need it is just awesome. I love computers, laptops, building and upgrading them but it's not the way forward. I really damn like those little concepts phones !

  11. You know a products bad when even linus cant justify using it for long, hmm its almost like i called that ages ago when foldable phones were announced, its a new tech great, but seriously your paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to basically beta test.

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