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  1. Gotta love how even at 5.7GHz, consuming an ungodly amount of power for the CPU, requiring a triple rad cryo cooler that consumes another 200 watts, it still isn't enough to beat AMDs 65 watt 5600X…

  2. Hlw brother I just subscribe your channel this video is recommend me because I am find giveaway videos hey bro I have a Intel processor its ten-year-old 1 core one thread I really need new processor but I belong to middle class family my family can't afford a new processor for my PC can you give me this I really need it

  3. Just in case you didn't get the memo from comments – avoid Intel like a sore thumb if you are entering the market for PC components this year. This is a company at its best trying to retrieve market share via marketing. Linus has basically ousted Intel himself, least in contrast to what AMD is seemingly going to be capable of this next release. Of course, take this comment with a grain of salt, I could be wrong… just doubt it.

  4. This all very cool, but intel pricing of this CPU is just out of control, without even trying to explain price od this super cooler, there will be a bunch of people who might buy this package over millions buying AMD's CPUs, I dunno really what intel is focused on ;P

  5. So basically Intel is the simp and LTT is the wife and AMD is the boyfriend. Even after knowing that the wife's sleeping with the boyfriend, the Simp just won't stop.

  6. You can build use a peltier to make a mini fringe, search it up on the tube. I actually used it, 3 case fans, a small heat sink, a large heat sink, a bread board, and a temp regulator circuit board to build this makeshift AC unit that was going to be solar powered and was meant to be put into cars while they are off and allow the car to stay cool without wasting gas or your battery. It was a project I was working on in my EDD (Engineering Design and Development) class in high-school in my senior year. Now that I think about… I think I can actually build a cpu cooler with that… hmmmmmmmmm. I don't think it would be too hard to rig up a peltier to a waterblock and the cpu, but it wont be easy, but might be cheaper than Cooler Master's "Cyro" Cooler or EK's QuantumX

  7. These remind me of AMD's 5ghz FX-9590 from 2013. It has similar performance to the i7-4770 that came out about the same time, but has a 220W TDP and came with its own AIO water cooler.Yes, you can compensate for having an inferior design by pumping unreasonable amounts of electricity through the CPU to crank up the clock speed, but that only gets you so far before you risk cooking your equipment.

  8. I'm fucked when it comes to getting stronger pcs or laptops. Nobody else hears it, nobody I know at all. But the stronger a pc or laptop, the worst the coil whine is for me. It will literally sound like a fork on a plate. I did research and apparently some of us are just fucked and can hear it and not others. But now it seems that you can even hear it loud af in this video. I'd die sitting by that thing.

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