[Video] My iPhone 12 Pro Max Review!

My review of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The king of Apple’s iphone lineup for 2020

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44 Comments on “[Video] My iPhone 12 Pro Max Review!”

  1. I feel that this year iPhone 12 Pro doesn't fit with the rest of the iPhones. It feels redundant. Now, there is a difference between Pro and Pro Max and at the same time, 12 and 12 Pro are very similar. They should have kept just 3 phones, 12 mini, 12 & 12 Pro. (with the size of Pro Max)

  2. Get the pro max! If you have iPhone from last year you will know the pro has a absolutely atrocious battery couldn't get through a day on average use now. This year even smaller battery in Pro. Why are tech YouTubers not mentioning apples atrocious battery life. Last year on reviews kept saying the battery life is great it will get you through a day whaaaaat. How is that great battery life. 5 years ago tech youtubees where complaining that battery life in smartphones should be at least 2 days. Roll on 5 years later saying its great if its one day. Is this so they don't upset apple in their reviews so apple doesn't send them first dibs on products. Get the pro max last year's or this years. They batter life definite two days maybe 2 and half if its only phone calls and little social media. There is a video it might Travis who reviews a tech youtuber and he gets to afternoon with on something like 7 percent battery on the iPhone Pro yet only took a few pictures etc.

  3. I love how Dave thinks so nicely of apple. Apple won’t make have same system. They have been doing this even since Steve era. One time they would even use colour for same phones but higher storage. Not even about different models lol

  4. CORRECTION NEEDED, Dave!! YOu state in the video the phone is 6.1 inches??? Is that correct? I was under the impression it was 6.7 inches!! Did you get it wrong in the vid? Time mark in vid – 1:14 or so. Can you clarify?

  5. i dare you to put your hand's down and talk but hold the phone in one hand and put the other hand down i bet you can't because your hand talk's more than you do only some will people understand what i mean 😀

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