[Video] NEW Gaming Laptops – 78% More Pixels!

2021 RTX 3080 + AMD gaming laptops are gonna have this new screen. Here’s an early look at what this 1440p 165hz panels are like
Available Early -…


  1. You keep talking about games, and I keep thinking about productivity, Solidworks, and simulations! The next gen of AMD/3080 laptops will be great for more than just games, and panels like these are the right pixel density for portable devices.

    Now if we could only get someone to make an ultra-thin laptop with an 18.4 or even 19+ inch display, then it would REALLY be useful, not to mention, revolutionary.

  2. thanks dave, now I shall wait for the next Black Friday "2021" to buy…a laptop!!, the price shall drop, more pixels, more GPU and CPU performance Intel – AMD and M1, all together next year it's gonna be a significant jump

  3. Omg finally. Been eyeing off laptops this year and never got one because 4k was the only option and for Australians it's often an extra $1000 for a 4k model. And we only need 2k on small laptops. Thought it was stupid there was hardly any 1440p options.

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