[Video] PS5 vs Xbox Series X – The Showdown

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43 Comments on “[Video] PS5 vs Xbox Series X – The Showdown”

  1. Sony: let's give them all the good stuff right out of the box !

    Microsoft: let's give them all the basic junk and make them pay an arm and a leg for the good stuff.

    Kinda looks like what Apple did when they took away basically everything that they normally gave you with the phone

  2. No offense man, but putting in the SSD and turning the PS5 isn't as so called "simple" lol. Compared to the Xbox. Also, the SSD's will range around the same price and in the long run it would be probably cheaper on the Xbox… lol. You forgot to mention that you can't use previous controllers on the PlayStation, so that's a down side as well and you forgot to mention the Xbox is more powerful in almost everyway.

  3. As someone who has had an Xbox since the very first one, I'm really leaning towards the PS5. The reason being is that the PS has way more games that i enjoy. Im also a guy who enjoys things looking sleek and very pleasing. That for me is the playstation. Also, Xbox has way more things that you have to buy on the side. I am not a fan of that. So all in all I think I'm going to buy the PS5. This is coming from an Xbox fan boy lol.

  4. I'll take neither for zero dollars…thanks. I am not ready to drop 1200 bucks for a console. Because yes I would have to upgrade my living room TV. Sorry I will stick to my gaming PC, because right now neither has anything that makes me want to drop that much moola.

  5. The PS5 is overrated. No Bloodborne 2. A remake of a 11 year old bad game (Demon Souls). Yet another spiderman game for children. God of War, nobody cares about God of War. Backwards compatibility is almost non existent. The PS5 is much bigger than the Xbox SX but why? The Xbox SX is 12 teraflops. PS5 is 10 Teraflops.
    If Bloodborne 2 was a thing, then yeah i would definitely buy a PS5.
    It's popular to hate new Xbox because it's cool to do so. That's what kids do these days. They follow everything that is trending.

  6. Overall, stick with whatever console you had last gen. If you switch from PS4 to Series X, you lose all your backwards compatible titles. If you switch from Xbox One to PS5, you lose all your backwards compatible titles. Will say, at least with Game Pass on Xbox, you do immediately have a pretty large library of games including all released and coming soon first person titles, not to mention that EA Play will be available starting tomorrow with Game Pass as well opening up even more games. Game Pass is simply the best deal in gaming. But again, probably best to stick with whatever you had last gen, but moving from PS to Series X will be a much easier transition thanks to Game Pass.

  7. Ok, I have a 4tb external storage packet from Seagate. And i wanna know if i can just plug it in to my PS5 and all my games will be there. The plug is a USB type a.

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