[Video] RTX 3080 Scalpers are JERKS – WAN Show September 18 , 2020

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  1. You can fight the scalpers by making fake Ebay accounts driving up the price of products and because of Ebay policies you don't have to pay for the items causing sellers to have to relist the item

  2. Isn't eBay partly to blame for the scalping of the 3080s because they are allowing selling these newly released cards for exorbitant prices? Can't Nvdia or the other card makers tell eBay to not allow them to sell their cards for scalper prices? At least not until they have been on the market for a while? Has no one ever thought of this? Or has it been thought of but eBay doesn't care to help?

  3. 41:10 – "You shouldn't be taking pictures and videos on your iPad unless you're a jack(bleep)"

    me, with the John Mulaney voice: Hey, my mommy does, so shut the f*ck up

  4. You guys should stop doing videos about the 30 series since no one can get them until next year and promoting them just makes people want to buy one from a scalper.

  5. as far as the PS5, food, shelter, water thing…. The PS% is big enough to be your shelter…. 🙂 I'm goign to wait a few months (like, February? March? and buy one of the GPUs that are out then.

  6. For me, for now, nintendo is killer, i have a pc for pc games and a switch for tv and mobile. First generation i wouldn't be buying a play station immediately.

  7. Sli dead – but what about the next multiple gpu's for multiple users on one machine video type of thing? Is there still going to be a way to dedicate gpu's to different vms without any latency issues? Without sli, will motherboard manufacturers still be able to support multiple gpu's on a mobo for this type of use case?

  8. gotta say I wanted to get ipad, but galaxy tab s7+ (which I got for watching netflix and movies mainly), turned up surprisingly great, the pen thing is great, can use it to snap pictures, volume up down – from remote, there's nice semi pro/pro painting apps, found a great 3d sculpting app (I'm 3d artist), has bunch of things that work like ipad does (probably samsung android features, that are great and all androids should incorporate I guess).. sure, there's nothing similar to garageband – if you want to record music (I did record a lot on iphone and ipad), synths and music apps are like 1% compared to ipad – ipad is the best productivity tablet, for sure.. other than not having great art/music apps – all other stuff seems to work great.. I'm not sure if I'm gonna get an ipad after this, I'd still like to use synth apps and garageband for recording (but I do have my pc for that, but it's not as portable).. the multimedia on apple is really the best out there..
    .. anyway, galaxy tab s7+ seems to be the second best I'd say – didn't try any else, but it's surprisingly close to ipad performance and features, oled screen is great, and has 100 mhz refresh rate – it's noticably smooth, if you don't need multimedia tools like you can get on ipad, I'd say, go for samsung tab..

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