[Video] The Herd Mentality PC

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[Video] The Herd Mentality PC 1
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  1. cross fingers for the promo. I've always seen commercials and endorsements with newegg but the fact that they're not in PH seems quite a bit of frustrating for me since their deals are sooooooooooo okay compared to our local suppliers here

  2. hi linus i love your content and every 1 works with you , but i really need your help , iv got 600 dollars and i want a pc that could be upgraded like hmm.aa.. like lets say i want to start with a mid or low performence but could be upgraded later to become a beast, because i really have been working to get those money and its all i have rn btw 600 without a moniter….pls help me btw i want it intel not amd items

  3. I just can't trust reviews, there's too many 9000 IQ genius level intellectuals that can't figure out how to reset the cmos battery then give 1 star review cause "board wont boot once I overclocked". Can't fix stupidity, but you can steer clear from it.

  4. Yes. I just built a ryzen 7 build, most all my parts are RGB and it was the last thing I cared about when picking parts. It just happened that way because it was the best deal for performance.

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