[Video] The HP Ryzen Laptops Are Here

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  1. I personally hate HP stuff. My laptop in college was HP, the wireless card inside died and the charging port failed. I then bought an HP monitor and it was the only monitor I've ever owned that actually just stopped working. Last year I had a coworker that bought an HP Spectre ultrabook, he was so excited cuz it was very powerful specs at a good price blah blah blah. 2-3 months in it had overheating problems and fried. He had a warranty tho and they sent him another one. That one fried in a short time also and no warranty this time so HP basically fucked him out of like $1800. Will never buy anything HP again, trash stuff.

  2. I'm sorry but if laptops don't come with Thunderbolt/USB two in one ports its not worth it rn. the expandability of thunderbolt 3 is just too good to leave out.
    Not trying to sound like a Thunderbolt or Mac Junkie but seriously, I'm an Audio engineer and use my Dell XPS as my workstation 98% of the time, having thunderbolt makes life so much better on a windows laptop or computer esp in my case where my audio Interface is thunderbolt 2 & 3 it's a must have for me. May seem like a one of one situation but the large benifits of daisy chaining etc via thunderbolt just makes it worth it and it saddens me to see that in 2020 those laptops don't come with USB 3.2 & Thunderbolt in one port.

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