[Video] ULTIMATE RGB PC Tech Support Challenge!!

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[Video] ULTIMATE RGB PC Tech Support Challenge!! 1
[Video] ULTIMATE RGB PC Tech Support Challenge!! 2
[Video] ULTIMATE RGB PC Tech Support Challenge!! 3
[Video] ULTIMATE RGB PC Tech Support Challenge!! 4
[Video] ULTIMATE RGB PC Tech Support Challenge!! 5

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  2. Even though I this "competition" is about nothing in particular and only for the viewing pleasure, I really have to address this totally unfair rating system!
    How in the world could you give the "bros" even one single point for their RGB? They did say they totally ditched it – They didn't even put the blanc-ram in again. Their System not only did fail every single benchmark, they also ignored one core part of the whole challenge – The RGB… it's even in the title: "ULTIMATE RGB PC Tech Support Challenge!".

    While Kris is taking his time to cable manage, installing software and trying some funny, awesome things with his rig, the bros just ignore it altogether and still get 3 points? If I don't install any necessary software, ofc I wont get any points taken away, because I wouldn't have any in the first place.

    I still loved this series as it is fun to watch people struggling with this sort of things. For the next one (if there will be one ofc) I still would want to see some fairer system.

  3. The giveaway not being worldwide is ridiculous. So all of Europe (except UK for some reason) is not included!! There are countries where the same CPU costs 2-3 times more than in the US. You make a giveaway in the US where hardware is the cheapest in the world already. Greetings from Germany, apparently a third world country.

  4. I've never seen one of these streams, and I'm only a few minutes in on this one, but this has the be the greatest start to a tech support competition ever, right? Losing audio, the host begging for it to be fixed, the guests being left in the green room. I love you guys, lmao.

  5. Just record each stream separately so when the stream inevitably has audio problems, you can splice in source audio to the YouTube edit. This series is very fun, it doesn't deserve to be marred by understandable tech issues!

  6. I'm just gonna ask here because i'm too lazy to look on the internet, is out there a site were you can check if your PC is ready for like upgrading a gpu? i have a 7 years old pc and i'm wondering if i can just buy a new gpu and be fine

  7. Watched the whole vod, glad you guys got the audio issues worked out, big improvement on last time, was really fun to watch – no dead air to speak of which was good, was entertained throughout.

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