[Video] Unboxing 100 Apple iPhone 12s

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47 Comments on “[Video] Unboxing 100 Apple iPhone 12s”

  1. "Entry"
    Reason: I want to use this for my online class and I also want to use this as my starting point for mobile photography
    I'm 16 years old from the Philippines 💓
    Love from Philippines🇵🇭 I am also Fan of Unboxing Videos like your channel 💓

  2. “Entry”

    reason: i am using a iphone 6 that is super broken and the battery is so bad, and i am just a kid so i cant afford phones and it would really mean alot.
    :this is not reason: ps you are my fave unboxing youtuber becouse you are allways so honest! xD

  3. "entry" "DONE"

    reason: I would like a new phone because my current one is broken,battery life is all messed up, it randomly turns on&off but I can't afford a new phone. I would greatly appreciate it & it would help a lot. Also, love watching your videos man they make my day! Thank you, God Bless!:)

  4. “Entry”
    Reason I’ve had the same phone for a while now, my screen is cracked and ever since the update it’s been movin slow, and I can’t really afford to get a new one. I never win these sorta things, and I’m really hoping I do this time.

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