[Video] Unboxing The Most Exclusive Apple Watch Series 6

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50 Comments on “[Video] Unboxing The Most Exclusive Apple Watch Series 6”

  1. watching this on my iphone 4s 😌 I'm from philippines and this iphone im using is already 4 years to me. I pick plastic bottles, cans and newspaper for months just to earn about 50 bucks so I can buy my veryfirst iphone 🤗 I want iphone eleven but it will take years for me to earn that money 😌 I really love watching things I cant afford 🤗❤️ hoping ill become rich like lew :))

  2. any one whos into watches will completely ignore this.
    This watch is for your average apple fanboi who has no taste in watches and wants to flex on other people with regular apple watches.
    You wanna really flex you get yourself a Nautilus, Grand Seiko, or a submariner.

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