[Video] Was I WRONG About Apple M1 Silicon – WAN Show November 13 , 2020

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[Video] Was I WRONG About Apple M1 Silicon - WAN Show November 13 , 2020 1
[Video] Was I WRONG About Apple M1 Silicon - WAN Show November 13 , 2020 2
[Video] Was I WRONG About Apple M1 Silicon - WAN Show November 13 , 2020 3
[Video] Was I WRONG About Apple M1 Silicon - WAN Show November 13 , 2020 4
[Video] Was I WRONG About Apple M1 Silicon - WAN Show November 13 , 2020 5

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  1. The iPad comparison still seems weak. The suggestion is that the hardware can be separated from the software. But I think Apple’s deal is that you have to take the package as a whole.

  2. Looking at some of the real specs behind Apple's M1 CPU, it will be a misunderstood CPU at first due to being among the first laptop CPUs designed in this fashion. The Apple M1 CPU is not a traditional 8 core CPU but a 4+4 Core CPU, as in 4 cores have one architecture designed for low power and 4 cores have a different architecture designed for performance. All 8 use the same ARM machine code, just function differently. As such, the performance will scale up to 4 cores and then drift off because the extra threads would be forced onto the low power cores. Intel and AMD are suppose to be building new laptop CPUs similar to this design, trying to squeeze more battery life.

    We should expect the low power ARM cores to be similar to the ultra-mobile cores, but the performance cores are the beasts we should watch. According to a Cinebench R23 score, the performance cores could rival AMD's Zen 3 cores while on the laptop CPU design. I would not doubt Apple probably has a full desktop CPU in the pipe with all performance cores and open power utilization.

    This is where the big upset is. There a a bunch of diehard "x86" supporters among the PC community. If Apple succeeds at making a more powerful consumer CPU that is not x86, these x86 fanatics are concerned that ARM will invade the PC landscape next. Linus is apparently one of them.

    A short history lesson on x86, it was designed for memory efficiency, not performance. The intents of x86 was to make affordable consumer computers for hobbyists, in which RAM was expensive. At that time, having the computer was more than enough. x86 only exists today because businesses want to be cheap.

  3. Please do not disable Super-Chat, even if I get to watch it afterwards, I enjoy the Superchat section even when the show is done. The section afterwards is so good and summarize a few chats. And for surprise guests appear like pewdiepie answering to you via this is a good way for this too.

  4. Linus definitely has his foot in his mouth. He's a lot more ambiguous than the graphs he's complaining about and 3x faster to defend himself than the M1 chips.

  5. It’s surprising that Linus didn’t see this coming. Even the iPad Pro was beating a lot of intel laptops in performance. So naturally with the new 5nm fab tech and more TDP to play with, M1 was always gonna rekt.

    And dude, u can’t just blame Apple for not making their chart up to the standard of Tech Jesus. It’s meant for mass audience. A clean, less confusing chart was 100% the way to go for marketing.

    Why are M1 series not iPads? They run OSX. They got Rosetta stones for running x86 apps. You basically run all the apps on OSX. If your argument is that they run ARM chips, then you really are out of touch.

    But I feel like COVID isolation is hitting Linus. Get well buddy!

  6. Linus, c'mon, im here to listen to you trashing on other people. Not to hear you defend yourself from other people trashing you…

    Please more anger and frustration, I really don't care at who

  7. The fact that Apple didn’t change the design to let other people know they’ve got the M1 Mac is a sign this is a beginning step. The mature M1 products will definitely have a differentiating mark than the silver aluminum/non-glowy logo MacBook of the last 5 years.

  8. You’re right to criticize Apple’s vague presentation, but to counter it with hyperbole, plain and simple, is misleading and just as bad as the presentation you claimed to be against. When you have a platform where people look to you for expert tech advice, you shouldn’t be using that platform to spread misinformation. Also, saying you clarified things at the end of the video means nothing when you should know most people, myself included, have the attention span of a goldfish and won’t actually watch the full video. They’ll get the hot takes and move on. You seem to be a reasonable guy so I’m sorry for ranting at you, if you ever read this

  9. I think Linus needs to consider Apple as a different company. It might not necessarily be that Apple is not confident about their product that they are vague in announcements. It is just that Apple has always been vague especially when it comes to specs or comparisons. I feel like Apple just say it is good but never be specific about what is good.

  10. But Linus, you criticize Apple for making vague and unsubstantiated claims while you did the same over a product you didnt even get your hands on? And you call Apple disingenuous with this pathetic example of tech journalism? Also the fact that you say this right after admitting fault shows that you are justifying your mistake aka cant actually admit fault and swallow your pride. You do the same things that you accuse big corporations for. Apologizing to make it look like you have the moral high ground while simultaneously making an excuse for your mistake in a yelling tone telling people to shut the fuck up is a prime example.

    It doesnt matter if you liked apples presentation or not. This doesnt mean you give them the benefit of the doubt, it means you report on what happened in an unbiased manner. As a JOURNALIST that is your JOB. You give your opinion AFTER you have tested the product. If apple's claims are wrong THATs when you call them out.
    Stop being such a smug condescending asshole and discrediting everything you don't like.

    I didnt see you put forth the same sentiment towards Nvidia's rtx 3000 series launch where not only did they make far more vague exaggerated claims, but the end result the products actually underperformed.

    You're clearly not capable of being a journalist, and you definitely don't know enough to be an analyst. Stop pretending to be smarter than you actually are go back to assembling 10,000$ rgb meme pcs.

  11. I don’t get him constantly bringing up graphs? This isn’t an engineering conference, nor is it some kind earning call where they can afford to be vague. The presentation was aimed at the casual dummies who don’t know the difference between, arm, x86, i3, i5 and all other technical jargon. For someone who runs a company Linus doesn’t seem to get the concept of marketing. If you’re gonna go after apple I sure hope you’re going after the entire advertisement industry which is built upon lies and manipulation. Apples graphs are literally meant to say we’re faster and better. That’s it! Because that’s all the average consumer wants to hear. They’re not gonna tell a MacBook Air user who uses the laptop to take notes Actually our new laptop won’t export 10k 50 bit 1000 FPS footage 5 times faster than a pc with these exact specs. Like the whole argument of graphs is idiotic. Obviously any knowledgeable person should reserve to make judgements. But anyone with a brain will also know that there is a lot of potential in the decision is apple is taking. Just because apple silicone on Mac hasn’t proven itself doesn’t mean you can’t see the potential, yet be skeptical at the same time. The whole point of being a beta tester Is also stupid. Linus the only way you’d be a beta tester is if you act like a beta male. Every product or device will have early adopters. That’s just product life cycle 101. Obviously for some people you can’t afford to be an early adopter and that’s fine. But once again the average majority using word docs or browsers aren’t risking much. Unless we hear reports of the new macs crashing and burning, apple did sufficient beta testing on their own for you to not be a beta tester. Also the point about photoshop. Most software still works fine or even better apparently through Rosetta. Once again, the computers ares till targeted towards average consumers so it’s not the end of the world if photoshop is not compatible. No much how much software is compatible at launch, there will still be something that still isn’t.You have to keep in mind you’re usage isn’t the only needs in the world. Finally, the whole it’s the same chip as the iPad BS. I’d expect that from dumbass on fb but sounds stupid from someone who gets computers like you. Just because it’s arm doesn’t make it the same chip. Similar? Sure, but so what? the chips in the iPad perform better than some laptops so why would that be a bad thing? Like I appreciate Linus not sucking apples dick, but the vid was def biased and very stupid. Skepticism and genuine concern is one thing. Bashing like a little boy is another. But then again, nobody watches Linus for some personality stripped reporting. It’s to see Linus being himself.

  12. lmao linus has been on fire lately by being just terribly wrong about everything apple. and even here, hes trying so desperately to prove that hes not wrong. just admit it man, youll look like less of a sore loser. "ill own this, i was a little snarky!" lmao what a pathetic attempt to save face. barely "owns up" to the thing that doesnt actually matter while never actually admitting he was wrong about the real thing.

  13. I honestly didn’t even find the graphs to be that bad, to the average person they do a sufficient job of communicating the performance per watt compared to their competitors. It’s more of a big picture type of thing not super specific because the specifics can come later. And it looks like the benchmarks are backing up those initial graphs as well. Even MKBHD, who is no apple shill, admits that when apple makes a claim on stage, they usually deliver. It’s not like apple has a history of making performance claims and then looking stupid later, they have enough credibility to make claims that are as vague or as specific as their marketing team decides and when the rubber meets the road nobody will give a fuck because the product will be good.

  14. Linus was just being such a baby during his discourse with Dave. The best he could come up with is to bring back iPhone 5C’s plastic design and that too by repeatedly calling it iPhone SE which confused Dave. Linus was just pissed as Apple didn’t sent him review unit unlike all other reviewers like MKBHD, Dave Lee and Verge. The entire conversation was so cringe due to Linus’ “whataboutism” .

  15. The problem here is software. So comparing M1 to an i3 and saying M1 is faster 'could' be valid. So you find the specific i3 used as comparison, then say 'No' clearly that i3 processor is actually clock-to-clock speed 'faster', doesn't mean the actual real world response, power and speed is better than the M1. This is because of Apples OS, Code, Apps etc, which are different to Windows and Apple's OS, Code, Apps etc are designed to be smaller and leaner. To explain further. Take an Apple M1 vs Faster i3, and try loading a program such as Firefox (this is just a talking example, I've done No testing) however; Firefox may load and work faster on the Apple even with a slower 'physical' CPU, and this will be down to the OS and the Apps Code. So Apple are technically correct to make the claim that their Performance is X% faster than another processor even though it may be physically clock-to-clock slower.

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