[Video] Xbox Series X Unboxing – The REAL Thing

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24 Comments on “[Video] Xbox Series X Unboxing – The REAL Thing”

  1. Why people prefere non removable small batteries against removable bigger batteries? I got 2.5Ah AA batteries and they are eternal. Actually to uncharge them I also use them on the nerf laser guns.

  2. From the views no one can deny that PlayStation is definitely having bigger fan base . Ms should stop promoting the stupid idea of going backward no one want to play old games we need the next gen style game

  3. Well I think I’d have to say the batteries being removable is still top notch as PlayStation with there built in battery packs have had issues before not hold good charges then you find yourself getting the power cord out for ps with the crappy micro USB all flimsy falling out ruining your game at some point as for Xbox ya you need to switch is the batteries but it’s a quick swap and your back in action not worrying for days to come

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