Introducing Vivo V20 series smartpthone in Malaysia

Vivo V20 series 1

In today’s modern and fast paced word, having the trendiest and most eye-catching things are the most important thing consumers look for before purchasing any product. The same is true when it comes to smartphones. With big and bulky phone designs being a thing of the past, smartphone users have developed a deeper appreciation for smartphones that offer them convenience and an elevated sense of elegance that goes well with their lifestyle.

With its fashion-forward design approach, vivo continues to impress smartphone users with the launch of its V20 series – a range of smartphones that empowers users to ‘Be the Focus’, acting as an extension to vivo’s aim to create a unified movement representing vivo users who are at the centre of every shot of unfiltered and spontaneous moments.

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Now, with vivo’s flagship V20 series, smartphone users will have a device that perfectly encapsulates the best of both worlds – giving them the technological performance they need to capture the best moments in life as they stay in the centerstage of keeping up with the latest trends with ultra-sleek and elegantly designed phone – anytime and anywhere.

With the V20 series, each design element reflects vivo’s conscious effort to create a stylishly designed smartphone to address the evolving needs of smartphone users. From how it sits in the hand, to how it looks, the V20 series is smartly designed to elevate the overall user experience of modern and fashion-forward smartphone users, at the same time, allow them to fully express themselves while enjoying every joyful moment in life.

Being a technological product or device, it is easy to think of smartphones simply as devices with no personality. However, when it comes to the design of its flagship, vivo and its team of world-class designers went above and beyond and took inspiration from the world around us. The end result – smartphones that exude their own personality and charm, which effectively allows users to build a strong connection with their smartphone as they go though each moment in their lives.

At the same time, vivo’s team of designers also looked into important physical features that provides users with an added benefit in terms of how the V20 series sits in the hands of users and how it can best complement their fast-moving and elegant lifestyles.

Taking inspiration from nature’s colour symphonies

The most eye-catching design element of the V20 series is of course its usage of a beautiful colour palette. The design team behind the V20 Pro and V20 have expertly brought to life the colours inspired from both musical and nature’s artistic symphonies through these colour profiles: Midnight Jazz, Sunset Melody and Moonlight Sonata.

Vivo V20 series 5

“Midnight Jazz”, which is available for the V20 Pro and V20 models of the V20 series, exudes a mysterious, deep and elegant sense of calmness. Just like the musical notes of jazz, the colour transforms with the movement of light hitting the back cover of the phone, transitioning between silver and black, giving the phone a balance between intensity and an understated class for users who appreciate a subtle and artistic charm.

“Sunset Melody” is available for the V20 model and takes inspiration from Monet’s famous paintings of a sunset combined with the bursts of colors as the sun goes down during some of the most peaceful and romantic times of the day. The colour perfectly captures the transition between violet and blue to create a sense of peace, comfort, tranquility and beauty.

“Moonlight Sonata” is available for the V20 Pro and perfectly reflects the purity and simplicity of the colour white. Looking closely, the colour brings to life the melodies of ‘Moonlight Sonata’ famously composed by Beethoven, transporting users to an elegant, clear moonlit night.

vivo’s design team has also taken inspiration from the depths of the universe and nature’s grace and at the same time, blended in elements of fashion to create colour profiles made specially for the V20 SE: Gravity Black and Oxygen Blue.

“Gravity Black” features dark gradients that looks luxurious that gives off a sharp technological feel. It is based on the shades of deep space; pulled down by gravity to create a new spacetime continuum in your hand.

“Oxygen Blue” incorporates the refreshing light blue gradients that were inspired by gently flowing skies and pure liquid oxygen. It radiates brightness and a steady enlightening peace.

A slim and sleek smartphone, designed for the perfect hold

For the V20 series, vivo’s team of designers have adopted its modernist design concept to seamlessly incorporate the features of the phone into an ultra-sleek design while not forgetting to provide a comfortable grip to users as they go about their daily lives.

Vivo V20 series

To put focus on its cutting-edge camera capabilities, vivo took it to a whole new level by developing the Dual Tone Step design for its back camera composition in the V20 Pro and V20 model to invoke a sense of depth and order while maintaining the slimness of the smartphone. The back camera of the V20 Pro and V20 has been expertly designed to eliminate the look of large protruding cameras typically found in photography flagship models of the past. To the eye, the Dual Tone Step design brings out a sense of layering, likened to a staircase, as well as order to distinguish the flash function area from the camera. By delicately balancing the protrusion, the overall design of the back camera is made to give off a professional and classy look – well-suited for fashion-forward users.

The designers of the V20 series also wanted to give users a phone that is technologically advanced and yet, comfortably sits in the hand. With the development of 5G, vivo’s designers have faced the unique challenge of designing a 5G phone without sacrificing the design aspects of the V20 Pro, especially on the thickness of the phone. Through vivo’s industry leading 5G capability and design expertise, vivo has managed to create the ultimate ultra-thin and ultra-light 5G smartphone, with the V20 Pro being the slimmest 5G phone in the market. With a 7.39mm thinness and weight of only 170g, users will have no trouble tapping into the power of 5G wherever they are in the world. Other models in the V20 series have also benefitted from vivo’s design expertise, with the V20 sitting at only 7.38mm and 171g and the V20 SE at only 7.83mm and 171g.

With its goal to create a sleek and slim looking smartphone, the vivo design team has even placed extra care towards the smallest details. From the side, vivo has seamlessly incorporated two Nano-SIM card slots into the body of the phone across the V20 series to offer both functional and design benefits, useful for modern smartphone users who are always on the go.

Vivo V20 series 4

The V20 Pro and V20 also feature an AG Matte Glass, adding a touch of subtle luxury to the aesthetic and provides a comfortable and delicate hold. A chemical etching further refines the surface to give it a warmth and make it resistant to scratches, before topping it off with an AF coating to protect the phone from fingerprint smears. The V20 SE features a 3D body with curves that are complemented by a high polymer material to deliver a smooth and comfortable finish that is almost like holding a cloud in your hands.

With all these elements combined, the V20 series gives users an enjoyable smartphone experience with the ultimate grip and comfort.

The V20 series comes together as an embodiment of the effort put in by vivo’s expert team of designers who have successfully incorporated exquisite fashion elements into the design. The end result is truly a magnificently produced series of phones that are ultra-thin in appearance complete with more refined and durable anti-fingerprint AG glass and beautiful colour symphonies – all created to make the V20 series stand out as fashionable and dynamic smartphone.

This article is written by vivo Malaysia.

Introducing Vivo V20 series smartpthone in Malaysia 1
Introducing Vivo V20 series smartpthone in Malaysia 2
Introducing Vivo V20 series smartpthone in Malaysia 3
Introducing Vivo V20 series smartpthone in Malaysia 4
Introducing Vivo V20 series smartpthone in Malaysia 5

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