Why Replace Traditional Web Application Firewall (WAF) With New Age WAF?

Web Application Firewall

At present, web applications have become the top targets for attackers because of potential monetization opportunities. Security breaches on the web application can cost millions. Strikingly, DNS (Domain Name System) related outage and Distributed denial of service (DDoS) lead a negative impact on businesses. Among the wide range of countermeasures, a web application firewall is the first line of defense.

Web Application Firewall’s basic function is to establish a hardened boundary to prevent certain malicious traffic types from acquiring resources. Though WAFs have been available since the late nineties, this early generation technology is no match for recent sophisticated cyber-attacks. They are not capable enough to offer full application control and visibility. With these increasing security risks, the new age web application firewall is the only solution that can provide proper protection.

Traditional WAFs Died Or At Least Dying

In the early days, web apps were less common, and so do web threats. Malevolent bots were less sophisticated and straightforward to detect. Cybersecurity requirements were very minimal and could be tackled with basic cybersecurity…


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