[Video] AirPods Max = Pure Apple Luxury

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44 Comments on “[Video] AirPods Max = Pure Apple Luxury”

  1. Apple always spends so much money on marketing, which is one of the ways they hook everybody in to buying their expensive products. Just like how people pay a lot of money for packaging at the grocery store, for items that aren't that great of quality without even realizing it.

  2. I'll be honest im not really looking to get these right now but not because of the super high price point but because it looks ugly af AND I really enjoy my pros anyhow so unless something happens to them there's no need for me to buy anything else plain and simple.

  3. This is by far the ugliest looking headphone on the market. It would have to announce & predict Lotto numbers accurately for me to consider buying this. Their design team is either blind or delusional smh.

  4. it would be absolutely fire if they made some type of housing which fits the regular or pro airpods which could turn it into basically into over ear headphones it would have to be considerably cheaper than this but id be still willing to pay good money for it but noo… bc they only care abt profit

  5. As always apple product is not near to compatition. Sony xm4`s with crossplatform multiple connections and best in class noise cancelling and better price. R u really that blind "isheeps"

  6. Maan I tried so many times my body don’t agree with magnets every time I try wearing something with a magnets a pain always come in the same area were the magnets are after or around 15 minutes that I have to remove it then the pain quickly goes away

  7. honestly how many ppl have drifted away since the death of Jobs? l for one lasted until iPhone 6 and things were turning pis*-taking and then I jumped ship… then came the stand, wheels, and now this. the attempt of how far they can dig into ppls pockets are truly amazing… I wonder how Cook will go down the history books?🤔

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