[Video] AMD vs. Intel midrange gaming PC challenge

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32 Comments on “[Video] AMD vs. Intel midrange gaming PC challenge”

  1. To be fair, Cyberpunk has issues associated with AMD but there's a community made fix that changes some configs making it run much better. More effective using better CPU + GPU combos tho i.e. more fps

  2. The XMP Problem Linus had, is a Bug on some Boards. Had that myself. If you Set XMP to Off and set everything yourself, then it should work just fine.
    EDIT: Would go for AMD, as i can be pretty sure, that the AM4 B550 Board will be also get support for CPUs after Ryzen 5000.

  3. Is ROG Rig Reboot available internationally?? or is it only for america and canada? cuz im from Philippines and I've always wanted to submit a video and be chosen someday

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