[Video] Apple made a BIG mistake – M1 MacBooks Review

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[Video] Apple made a BIG mistake - M1 MacBooks Review 1
[Video] Apple made a BIG mistake - M1 MacBooks Review 2
[Video] Apple made a BIG mistake - M1 MacBooks Review 3
[Video] Apple made a BIG mistake - M1 MacBooks Review 4
[Video] Apple made a BIG mistake - M1 MacBooks Review 5

45 Comments on “[Video] Apple made a BIG mistake – M1 MacBooks Review”

  1. @LinusTechTips question to battery test: on windows PC, did you used Edge browser for youtube or Chrome? I know that now they are based on the same engine (chromium), but I've noticed on my notebook (Yoga 720 13") that edge does really saves more power. I believe you even made a video about it.
    I assume that on Macs you have used Safari not Chrome.

  2. Integrated memory limited to a max of 16GB of RAM, integrated SSD and only two Thunderbolt ports? You are stuck with what you buy, and upgrade prices from the base model are exorbitant. There is nothing Pro about any of that. While I give props to M1 from a performance, power consumption and heat perspective (maxing out at 16GB of RAM is a real problem IMHO). The fact is that you are paying big money for a machine that will require you to carry around various adapters or docking stations to get any real work done. You want to impress me Apple? Make 16GB/512GB as the base configuration (with reasonably priced upgrade options beyond that) and include at minimum, ethernet, a video port and two legacy USB ports. What's the point of a sleek, light machine if you have to plug a bunch of stuff in to connect to an external display, get a proper network connection and connect "legacy" devices? I should not have to spend even more money on expensive adapters and docks to get these basic functions. But who cares what I think, I'm just an old IT pro who's stuck in that backward mentality of carrying around machine that is upgradeable, and has all of the necessary ports built in. If it weighs more more as a result, so be it. Form over function seems to rule in this day and age.

  3. I would consider that a good thing. You could run Apps made for the iPhone and iPad on a computer. The only other computer that does that is a chrome book. Why would you think that would be a big mistake?

  4. Listen, kudos for all your success (13M subscribers? FFS!) But I can't watch your videos any more. You've devolved into click bait that you almost immediately renounce in the first minute of your video. And you're so freaking manic that I get anxious just watching you. I wish I could block you from my 'feed.' Congratulations on your success, but you're rapidly becoming the Dr. Phil of YouTube technology videos.

  5. Linus: "when it comes time to juicing up…" are you advocating PED's? 🤣
    Um, where's the gaming comparison on these laptops? You mentioned Tomb Raider, but I didn't notice it???
    PC Gamer: It's an Apple product, who gives two shits? 🤷‍♂️

  6. You mentioned needing to have the additional RAM if I wanted mine to last more than a couple years. £200 is a lot of money for some extra ram but now I have a slight bit of buyers remorse. I shouldn’t be doing anything to heavy on it anyway and have a powerful pc to do heavy lifting. Do you think I should return it for a higher ram model?

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