[Video] Are Linux Smartphones about to KILL Android?

For the last week I’ve been using 3 phones, an iPhone, an Android….and a Linux phone. Which…

[Video] Are Linux Smartphones about to KILL Android? 1
[Video] Are Linux Smartphones about to KILL Android? 2
[Video] Are Linux Smartphones about to KILL Android? 3
[Video] Are Linux Smartphones about to KILL Android? 4
[Video] Are Linux Smartphones about to KILL Android? 5

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  1. De-Googled phone user here – Many apps are built on opensource code, and there are many alternatives that work the same, but have the evil stripped out of them. Instead of chrome on android, use Bromite, Chromium, or Brave. For playstore, use AuroraOSS, which allows you to install apps anonymously. Instead of youtube, use newpipe. Bitslide is basically the youtube app converted to use bitchute. You can also use use older versions of apps, and use the webapp versions of apps by viewing it on your secured browser instead. Most apps are just wrappers for the website anyway. Your privacy and information is valuable, don't let youtube, amazon, facebook, and microsoft spy on you and sell the information to your governments.

  2. the thing about the ubuntu one your info still goes to amazon if you use the included software store anyways. Just only Amazon and maybe Google instead of hundred if not thousands of others too.

  3. Its difficult to take you seriously when you think VPN's give you anonimity and you have no idea what "LINUX" is or how to even pronise it. How do you suppose Linux will even compete with androids when errr….. android is LINUX! Its time to unsubsribe to your channel. I have been a sub for years but its clear you just don't know what your talking about and I can't watch it anymore.

  4. Cool, never even occurred to me that Linux phones could even be something companies would sell. Although I’d still prefer a Windows phone as long as I could play PC games on it, the exact reason I would want a Linux phone, only Linux is much more limited in compatibility

  5. Without even watching the video, here's an answer to the clickbaity title; No. They have little to no market share in the smartphone market.
    It'd take several years for them to get any kind of foothold.

  6. Try the docking mode when it gets better. That one's way more promising, it's literally a desktop PC experience in your pocket, available wherever you have a monitor.

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