[Video] Dell SCAMMED Me – $1500 PC Secret Shopper 2 Part 4

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  1. Selling you more warranty than you could even buy on your own: at Dell, we care THAT much. Just don't ask us to sell you a computer; we don't do that.

  2. I had a consumer Dell XPS. After a while the power-connector slot just stopped working. I already had terrible experiences with Dell Customer Support so I decided to get my tools out, and I measured that the DC Jack was indeed dead. I couldn't fix it myself so I ended up returning it to Dell for a RMA. After a few days they told me: "We can't fix it under warranty as there's coffee spills over the motherboard and the motherboard is dead. It will be $700 to replace"

    Confused and angry as I was I asked them for proof, as that really didn't happen. They ended up sending me photo's of freshly dried out coffee stains all over the motherboad. They seriously threw coffee over my laptop to get out of repairing it under warranty. That left such a bad taste in my mouth that I'd never buy ANY Dell products as a consumer again. So seing their customer representatives scam like this doesn't confuse me AT ALL.

    (We do order Dell Business. That's an entire different world. Something wrong? Call them and they come and fix it on-site the very same day.)

  3. I use a radeon rx 580 in my gaming pc. I updated to the latest driver earlier and now every time I try to load a game it flashes red, blue, or sometimes both color squares on the screen and freezes. then closes the window. sometimes it takes longer than others. the amd software keeps saying the driver timed out and I tried uninstalling and using an older, more stable version but it's still doing that. I really hope someone can help because I'd really rather not have just spent 1200$ to build a glorified nightlight. I've tried to get help elsewhere but nobody replies so if you see this please reply and help if you can.

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