[Video] Have we gone MAD??

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  1. ..Am I the only one who couldn't give a flying f about their stupid "hurr let's shoot in 3x the resolution and downscale" mentality, and would rather have 60fps videos? honestly a camera filming 1440p or 2k native, in 60fps.. so much nicer watching .-.

  2. Uh, Sony has a 16k TV available for purchase. Sure, it's a million+ dollars, but it's technically available and someone could own it if they had deep pockets.

  3. hey there guys .. i know this is waay off topic but i am desperate..
    i have 3 cpus (not buying.. salvaging) and i have to make a decision asap..
    which cpu i should choose for best performance?
    i5-3750k / i7-3770k / i7-990x
    (they all have their own motherboards.)
    İ do 3d modelling (blender) / using after effects and premiere / moderate gaming (eve, Alien (the scary one), etc.)
    got lots of ram and 2x gtx 1050 Ti
    Please gimme an advice.. please!!

  4. It is the year 2077. Linus posts a new video. – Hey guys today I'm presenting you our new equipment. It shoots holograms in 64k. It's cooled by quantumstate water particles flying at 2 times the speed of light, insane! To store the data of this puppy, we upgraded our server farm to gamma ray black matter liquid disks. A whopping capacity of 500 ZetaBytes.

  5. Linus seems cool, interesting vid, BUT, just once please, can a youtuber acknowledge that they are living in a time on this planet that is insanely amazing for them, I mean, I guess im old, but millenial youtubers seem 10x more privileged than trust fund kids, and ky parents, or myself havnt experienced a 1000 th of this. Isnt this why the world resents America, Americans seem to have 100x better everything, just because, idk, Linus has a cool channel, but please remember there are some real people that watch, I was happy cuz I bought a used bmdcc 2.5 k, which I still like. I guess ill watch newly rich youtubers opening legos to put the final nail in the coffin, haha.

  6. Just FYI. You need to fix your videos aspect ratio as your head gets cropped out when in full screen mode on my lg velvet. Or change your bodies position to fit in screen while people watch your video in full screen mode on their smartphones.

  7. This is funny, I want to see more about the cameras. I will say that the new fashion of punching in on talking head videos by using the extra resolution is not a thing I'm a fan of, does anyone like it?

  8. Can you actually get statistics from YT about what resolutions people are watching in (and what screen sizes, and what native resolution is on the device they're watching on)? Because that would be an interesting thing to know when you're debating this sort of thing.

  9. ah yes, no better way to kill a company than to force you to use buggy broken software in order to use the equipment you brought. with updates taking months at a time.

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