[Video] How to build a PC without getting RIPPED OFF!

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  1. I decided to skip upgrading for 2020 and 2021 (except something breaks). I am playing Cyberpunk 2077 with an i7-6700 and a GTX 970, 16GB RAM just fine either at stable 30fps and really good looking or at 60fps with still looking acceptable (1080p). I am also skipping on buying games in 2021 and will focus on my backlog. January 2022 though… I will raise myself to the 144 or more fps club and do a full upgrade and I can't even imagine how great it will be and how much I will have saved with a system that has worked well for me for more than 6-7 years, skipping 2 full generations of GPUs. Even better: I will have the choice between the two teams which makes it really exciting. I am so happy AMD has finally caught up and we have more options to go with.
    I still remember when I was thinking to upgrade every 2 years and go with a complete new build every 3 because changes were happening so fast and I just couldn't keep up otherwise. Now it's easily double that time and my old machine will still make a kid in the family very happy as great Minecraft machine and might make even 8-9 years before it will become obsolete.

  2. its funny cause i live in new zealand and there is stock for all of these things but they are just way above msrp retailers are selling 3070 for 1200 nzd so no one is buying them and they arent going out of stock

  3. A strange device wont access my wifi unless i aprove and set its mac addres a ip addres in the guest range. So no need to pay for that. Eveery router can do that for well over a decade now.

  4. I Wanted to buy a 1000$ pc and i got everything except for the gpu because i wanted to wait for the 3070 to release, but now i had to get a 2060 because i had an r7 240 before and it could‘nt run any game. I was Lucky that i got a 2060 for 320$ before it was out of stock again

  5. I swear LTT refuses to recognise the 5700xt lol. It's still at a decent price and even beats the 2070super in some games, while being like $250 cheaper

  6. Idk i really would not recommend a wifi motherboard if you want a good internet connection. I suggest you buy an eithernet wire for your router and then connect it to your PC😉

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