[Video] I see what you're doing, Apple… – iPad Air 2020 Review

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37 Comments on “[Video] I see what you're doing, Apple… – iPad Air 2020 Review”

  1. A couple things I wish I mentioned in this video:
    – at $599, the iPad Air 2020 is $100 more expensive than its predecessor
    – you can obviously use it as a simple tablet and not a "computer", but then… you might as well get the iPad 8th gen for $329, it's a fine tablet.
    – The Logitech Folio Touch is $159 compared to the Magic Keyboard for $299


  2. Is this what happens when biased nerds try to do a “review” about a product they actually have no idea about and don’t use themselves but want to make a quick cash grab on ad revenue?

  3. Its made by apple guys thats all you need to know.
    If you dont get what im saying, im saying that its the same thing as before just with 1-3 features no one cares about and then priced alot higher with weird letters and numbers or max or lite added to the name

  4. I know this isn’t a pro review, but damn do I want a 15 inch ipad pro with an M1 chip and better software. 😭 i really hope apple gives ipads their own software; ipadOS still sucks so bad because it’s still based off of iOS.

  5. I just got the new iPad Pro. I wanted Face ID, the larger screen, the 120hz refresh rate, and I bought the magic keyboard too! I used to be a Microsoft guy but I thought the iPad Pro was too enticing. My iPad Pro replaces my laptop for sure.

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  7. What I love about iPads is that they cost as much as a real laptop, but can't do the things real working people need to do.
    So they're perfect for children, students, housewives, and seniors who want a big screen iPhone…lol

  8. I think apple have a very specific target for this device. in my opinion, there is no better alternative to the iPad Air + magic keyboard for students. the combo offers an incredibly powerful and versatile device for a lower price. compare it to the MacBook Air ( the most popular device for this audience), it does everything the MacBook does, plus it has a touchscreen. and the App Store. and its lighter. and its cheaper. and its smaller. and its easier to use. and it works better with your iPhone if you have one. its not quite as beefy but its more than powerful enough for multitasking in word and safari. if you go to school/college/uni and you need a laptop for taking notes and getting shiz done – get an iPad!!!!

  9. Loved the video, the script was so well written, good jokes! And the editing was also awesome (not to sound rude but LTT is many a times boring) this one was very interesting though 😀

  10. I’m a developer and the iPad cannot replace my laptop. Let me boot up VS Code and Netbeans and then we’ll be in business. Also I’m not hating. I have an iPad Pro because they’re awesome. At this point I guess it would be up to the developers of the coding software I speak of to develop a version for iPadOS.

  11. I'd think it makes the most sense to do something like this if you expect to frequently be using the iPad in "detached" mode. Frankly the two-in-one designs are a poor substitute for doing stuff like reading PDFs; the iPad without attachments is better in that case.

  12. Too bad you can't do a Memory Card deal with the iPhone/iPad like you can with a Samsung Phone/Tablet.. Saying you recorded Great Material Video Clips on your Camera and want to edit it all on Apple devices from the memory card and you can't.

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