[Video] It's time to break up.

Thanks to Logitech G for sponsoring today’s video! Find out how you can break up with wires at The cable mess was real, so bad the …

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  1. Linus : Dear wires thicker thin, I have watched you grow from kilo bits , mega bits then finally into giga bits, sweet sweet giga bits

    Then he saw someone else who was his sponsor logitech lmao不不不不

  2. Logitech tech is great.. really. but what that price? I own a full Logitech setup and it wasn't cheap. After 1 Year of using .. G502 Hero – random double clicks, headphones G633 microphone sometimes not working. The keyboard is still ok. for the high price I expected better quality. Linus .. please next time show something with a really great Price-performance ratio.

  3. Of course hot clue does not work A powerbrick makes heat. And heat (even pretty low heat) is bad when using hot glue.
    There are several better monuting options you can do. But glue in general is not one I recomend Either it's too weak or too strong

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