[Video] Merry Christmas, scalpers! – RTX 3060 Ti Review

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38 Comments on “[Video] Merry Christmas, scalpers! – RTX 3060 Ti Review”

  1. Australia isn't getting FE cards, yay aussies getting screwed over again with these scuffed releases lol. Can't wait for it to go straight to a $1000 (something like $650 USD) and never be in stock.

    Atm I need a gpu, I just ordered everything but the you from recent black friday stuff, managed to get lucky and pull a 5600x for $500 ($300 USD). Got 3600mhz CL18 Corsair vengeance, rm650x PSU, ASUS Tuf x570, 1TB nvme crucial p1 ssd. I'm just waiting to buy a gpu, guess I might be waiting for a while, Ive got a GTX 750 ti to use while i wait lol.

  2. I hope Linus will make a video about this: I am a CAD engineer and a gamer. I dont whant to use and spent money for 2 pc's, just 1. For gaming I need a Geforce graphics card and for CAD a Quadro card. On paper a Quadro P2000 (with is recommended by Solid Works) hardware base worse or equal than a RTX 2060 Super (that I have now). This Geforce card is not matching the preformens however. I know that the drivers for quadro and geforce are the big differens. But what to do now?! I game the latest AAA games on 1080p on high settings, so you need some power. I can not imagine that a Quadro P2000 can run that with 3 screens. I olso don't what to spend €3000,- or more fore a Quadro that can keep up with the latest games, but I need the power/drivers for CAD. What is a good middel way? The RTX 3000 series are very fast and powerfull. So can thay play the middel feeld?? I don't know.
    I would love to see Linus do a reasonable build and/or explanation for people like me. What to do when you a CAD user and a gamer when you only whant 1 pc and don't whant te take a mortgage.

  3. I'm not playing this silly game anymore. I am buying last gen or second hand for half the price. The great thing is when I pay a third of the price for a game 2 years after release at least it will be finished.

  4. Believe it or not, there are actually a few online stores here in Australia that have (or at least appear to have) stock of the 3000 series cards.
    So either the scalpers haven't reached the land down under yet or these stores are good at keeping the scalpers away.

  5. Nvidia sends reviewer a sample to review for all us to see how well this product is. Also Nvidia sent a defective product and cannot even replace it for a reviewer.

    After I seen that I stopped watching. When these companies can at least have enough stock to replace a bad review sample then I will care watch reviews let alone consider buying the thing.

  6. After 3080 launch I was upset I bought 2080 super last year, not anymore coz of stocks, thanks god I didint sell it on ebay for 380 or less yet😂😂

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