[Video] NVIDIA might ACTUALLY be EVIL… – WAN Show December 11, 2020

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32 Comments on “[Video] NVIDIA might ACTUALLY be EVIL… – WAN Show December 11, 2020”

  1. Dude this is what the community is all about and what better way for big brother (Linus) to jump on board to bite back! Hell yeah Linus, thank you for being true to the consumers and sticking up for fellow reviewers! This is why I fricken love you man!

  2. Linus turns secret Trump supporter at 31 minutes ❤️ now you all see how suppression of freedoms can effect the market! Pushing naritives of division will destroy your own. BIG L for team Green 😂

  3. Dear Linus. So much anger about something simple.

    I truly like your channel, the general relaxed style and thus followed it for years. You and your staff have never been neutral about what you review, which is fine by me, but it suprises me that you call yourself "free media"…

    Obviously a business is entitled not to give stuff to someone they dislike, or that bashed their product publically. Even if it was purely personal, however arrogant they may formulate their email, is absolutely fine.

    You blew this way out of proportion. Your rant in itself is pure toxicity and bashing Nvidia openly like that without talking to the person who sent the email is rather terrible "journalism".

    You are calling the person that you worked with for years a f*** idiot multiple times on air and have not even spoken to him, yet you rant for half an hour and publish it live; this actually makes you the mentally challenged one.

    Taking it further and claiming you do not need Nvidia is even more arrogant than what you accuse them off, for exactly the reasons you cited in relation with the other channel.
    At least Nvidia send it in a private business email and not in a youtube broadcast seen by millions. YOU drew it into the open, trying to play white knight, so you cannot claim that it was Nvidias plan to scare content creator indirectly by these means. That thought is just ridiculous and you might see it that way after you have cooled down.

    Obviously it is something you see as existential for your business/niche and that is why you are not cool with it at all, even though you try to act tough.

    I advise not to be so impulsive, you actually have stuff to lose, and I am not talkig about some 600 USD card either. I dislike unfair outbursts like this and I reckon more subscribers do as well.

  4. By dictating on what technology you must report is not report, but conditioning of thinking, choice and information. How is that unbias??? They are in for the money, money, moooooney…. And you are threatening their money money mooooney… no mater what technology those suckers develop, I'm the AMD MAN… ALLWAYS.

  5. Sorry for beeing evil myself here but i cant stop laughing at people just realizing NOW that Nvidia has been evil over all the years but still sucking them Nvidia balls for free samples of their new, overpriced bullshit. Ill always stay at camp AMD and got never disapointed by them. Not a single time where i thought "damn that doesnt run or look good", nope. Just pure perfomance and great driver updates over the years to make older gpus like the r9 390 still run like a champ. Its beyond me that people pay over 500$ for a graphics card, its just insane.

  6. Customers really care about the money, they spend on.
    And That's why Linus reviewed, one cares about RTX reflections if not many games support the technology.

  7. i was going to go nvidia

    i will not support a totalitarian attitude.
    backpedaling shows they were expecting to get away with it, not that they recognised their way of thinking was a mistake.

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