[Video] Our Craziest PC Yet – Pyramid PC Pt. 3

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44 Comments on “[Video] Our Craziest PC Yet – Pyramid PC Pt. 3”

  1. I guessed the client would be a "client" named Linus Sebastian lol.
    To be honest I'm a bit dissapointed the client being DBrand, or at least do a shoot where you install the PC at their office lol.

  2. Sorry guys, ugly as sin and totally impractical, I would have put both flat under the mother board tray and have them intake fresh air from under the pyramid, also would have put the power supply under the motherboard next to the cards, the positioned the mother board central, also you should have gotten a pro to tig weld the internal threaded standoffs, here is a much better design, you should have just copied this one and just made it bigger:

  3. tbh this is super random low quality shit. they have a fuckin workshop and they came up with shitty stuff like this. i would never order a custom case from linus with such attitude. yeh he got paid yeah this was a promotion but still showing how much they dont care is jsut sad

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