[Video] PlayStation 5 Review – A Fanboy's Perspective

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35 Comments on “[Video] PlayStation 5 Review – A Fanboy's Perspective”

  1. Lol 7 next sony games = price of the console itself. 70$ is too much especially for fkin remaster, they shuld have released it as a free upgrade. – an angry PS4/pc gamer

  2. They say you don’t own any games is the day I stop buying them. I like the idea of a subscription service for games but like with movies I still like to go to the theater, I still like owning a blu ray of my favorite movie/shows. My internet isn’t the greatest and it’s nice being able to load up the best resolution of a ring without having to worry about data caps.

    I can’t believe that’s on it’s way out and I’m old fashioned now.

  3. I do feel like the Xbox will take off towards later next year, when the exclusives come out. The extra power will help it later on in the generation. Other than that, the ps5 looks very good so far.

  4. come on, 90% of gamepass games are garbage and I don't know anybody, including myself who tried it/uses it that played more than a couple games in gamepass. It's a waste of money. Most people will get better value buying the games use that they want to play instead of the filler they will never touch on gamepass.

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