[Video] Running Cyberpunk 2077 at MAX SETTINGS!

Thanks to ORIGIN PC for sponsoring this video! Check out their sick limited-edition RestoMod PC’s today at We put Cyberpunk 2077 to the …

26 Comments on “[Video] Running Cyberpunk 2077 at MAX SETTINGS!”

  1. I have the RTX 2080 Super and it runs good, I recommend most people only use an RTX graphics card for playing cyberpunk 2077 I tested the game with a GTX 1660 TI and it was not a great experience.

  2. Ähem…running the Game on RT:Ultra with DLSS Quality…Outside it goes down to 45fps. Inside upto 70. PC Specs: i7-7700k@4.8Ghz and 3080FE (using UV for 1/3rd less Powerdraw). Thanks to G-Sync Compatible its smooth enough XD.

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