[Video] She should've studied – ROG RIG Reboot 2020

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36 Comments on “[Video] She should've studied – ROG RIG Reboot 2020”

  1. Emma did a great job! Well done to her, she had the basics down and she made reasonable guesses and picked up on what the diagrams in the instructions said. It must be really weird trying to do this by video, especially with Linus being a goof, but I think she was had one of the better understandings of what was going on out of all the ROG Reboot winners.

    Linus is such a Dad though πŸ˜› Watching this makes me remember all the things I put my kid through.

  2. Wow. Very impressed with how you still did ROG rig reboot this year. And what a fun episode as well. Really didn't expect the 'entertainment value' to be particularly high with this video but man did i ever enjoy it. Big props to the team, editor and the winner!

  3. Oh good lordie! The way he was handling the AIO made me cringe like hell. My anxiety and blood pressure skyrocketed way past the maximum threshold! Am I the only one who experienced that?

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