[Video] "Smartphones are Boring now."

Smartphones are NOT boring, here’s just 9 reasons why!
Two other recent videos that I’m proud…


  1. The only thing I can complain about smartphones is, unless you can offer a possible solution, is their dimming process. When I go outside the screen dims not allowing me to see what's on my screen as well as I can if I were inside. I don't know if it's just a Samsung thing, but wouldn't you think the screen should brighten to accommodate the sunlight instead?

  2. Hi dear, I love very much your video, dear can you help me, how to stop seeing add in android phone, now is very boring to watch any kind of video, best regards

  3. I actually think the "real telephoto cameras" is a good idea. Have one super high mp (we've seen 108MP cameras, use that) and have it be in Xiaomi's physically retractable camera. It's main camera, with no zoom crops in on the ultrawide shot but since it's 108MP it doesn't really matter. There we solved the main lense and ultrawide lense. As for the zoom, use the physically retracting lense like in a DSLR.

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