[Video] The BEST Gaming Mouse (Theoretically)

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[Video] The BEST Gaming Mouse (Theoretically) 1
[Video] The BEST Gaming Mouse (Theoretically) 2
[Video] The BEST Gaming Mouse (Theoretically) 3
[Video] The BEST Gaming Mouse (Theoretically) 4
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39 Comments on “[Video] The BEST Gaming Mouse (Theoretically)”

  1. "Just… fuck motion blur."
    true words, calmly spoken.

    That sensor.fyi site is pretty cool!

    Edit: Well, fuck, apparently some latest update of whatever actually changed my mouse settings, checking that stupid mouse acceleration und put my polling rate down to 500hz instead of my usual 1000hz. No wonder my aim was off at times. Glad I finally looked at that again after watching that video. Thanks!
    Fun fact after testing a bit: Mouse acceleration is a lot less noticable if you are at higher polling-rates, where as it's absolutely terrible at 125Hz.

  2. the holes are stupid… i hope they are just in the prototype….
    a: the mouse will be full of dirt and you cant clean it easily
    b: a light mouse is not a good thing for gaming…. so if the developer does it to make it ligher: the developer is an idiot

  3. But the best mouse doesn't help you beat DOOM on anything higher than ultra-voidance…
    Yes I'm pissed cause I love Motion Blur for Cinematic games, at lease admit that Story driven games are better off with motion blur, why do you think we have motion blur in movies?

  4. It's all BS. Frametimes will always be ~ 5ms (200fps), a 0.5ms difference in mouse latency even in a prefectly coded game, like quake 3 won't really make the cut to help anything. Muscle memory is built to perform actions after stimulus. Visual feedback is 120ms latency for the fastest ever recorded. 150ms avg, so for when you see the thing and you send a signal to the muscle 30 frames happen. I'd say that mouse will only slow down poorly coded games that process the 8000 updates per second of the mouse instead of 1000.

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