[Video] This Gaming Laptop is INSANE

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[Video] This Gaming Laptop is INSANE 1
[Video] This Gaming Laptop is INSANE 2
[Video] This Gaming Laptop is INSANE 3
[Video] This Gaming Laptop is INSANE 4

20 Comments on “[Video] This Gaming Laptop is INSANE”

  1. Why the flying fuck are you only review things who are extremely expensive. I know back in the day you tested a lot of effort able things but you rich so I guess you don't give a shit anymore. Enjoy your business bitch

  2. The only spaceship inspired design i saw was those illustrations and anyone can slap a spaceship illustration sticker on the back of their laptop. Where exactly is the design?

  3. I am an engineering student from India
    I am not from a rich background .
    My teachers said that I need to buy a laptop immediately . Otherwise I need to stop my studies.
    Please help me

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