Get an iPhone from RM58 a month, no Credit Card Required


There is now a brand new, fresh approach to buying your favourite iPhone which will no longer burn a hole in your pocket. We constantly hear grouses that iPhones are priced too high beyond our budgets, but deep-down yearning to get it. And your credit and financing options out there are also limited, creating other constraints that may not work best for you.

It is now possible with CompAsia ReNew+, a phone monthly payment programme that allows you to get an iPhone 7 for as low as RM58 a month.

“While telecommunication providers (‘telco’) will usually bundle the new phone with a postpaid phone plan that will bind you to a contract of nothing less than a year; CompAsia ReNew+ takes that worry off your mind. We credit score consumers by simply scanning their identity card without the hassle of income statement or bank statements and they can walk away with a brand-new phone on the spot,” said Rudy Kok – Head of Financing, CompAsia Sdn. Bhd.

No telco contracts – Free yourself from being tied to phone plans and still be able to get your dream phone with CompAsia ReNew+. CompAsia ReNew+ also does not require any credit card or bank statements as a prerequisite for the sign up. Simply walk-in to any CompAsia ReNew+ partner store with your Blue MyKad (I.C) and get the phone on the spot with hassle-free and fast approval.

Rudy adds, “ReNew+ also means a customer can upgrade to renew for a new iPhone after the 24 months or 36 months contract ends. CompAsia ReNew+ will also provide an upgrade with zero fee.”

Malaysians can now enjoy special CompAsia ReNew+ programme for the latest iPhone 12 exclusively at selective Thunder Match Technology (TMT) stores.

If the latest iPhone is not within your budget, you may still go for the other models of the iPhone at a more affordable price now and still enjoy the CompAsia ReNew+ programme. CompAsia ReNew+ is also available at all Machines, Switch, Senheng and IT World stores nationwide.

For more information or to find the nearest partner stores kindly log on to this link or drop an email to

This article is written by CompAsia ReNew+

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