Missing Link in a ‘Zero Trust’ Security Model—The Device You’re Connecting With!

Missing Link in a 'Zero Trust' Security Model—The Device You're Connecting With! 1

Like it or not, 2020 was the year that proved that teams could work from literally anywhere.

While terms like “flex work” and “WFH” were thrown around before COVID-19 came around, thanks to the pandemic, remote working has become the defacto way people work nowadays. Today, digital-based work interactions take the place of in-person ones with near-seamless fluidity, and the best part is that going remote helps companies save their cash in this bootstrapped time.

But while the ability to work from anywhere has truly been essential to keeping businesses and the economy functional, it has opened up new challenges that need to be addressed.

Your Devices Are Your Weakest Link

With nearly ⅔ of employees still working remotely to some degree, the boundaries that once separated work and home have been completely washed away. A major ramification of this shift has been an increase in the volume of corporate and non-corporate devices connecting from remote to sensitive data and applications. And in the mad rush to get employees set up and running, the vast majority of these devices were not outfitted with the same security measures as their office-based counterparts.

The reality is…


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