New CISOs Survey Reveals How Small Cybersecurity Teams Can Confront 2021

The pressure on small to medium-sized enterprises to protect their organizations against cyberthreats is astronomical. These businesses face the same threats as the largest enterprises, experience the same (relative) damages and consequences when breaches occur as the largest enterprises but are forced to protect their organizations with a fraction of the resources as the largest enterprises.

Cybersecurity company Cynet just released findings from a survey of 200 CISOs in charge of small security teams (Download here) to shine “a spotlight into the challenges of small security teams everywhere.”

In addition to better understanding the challenges these CISOs face, the 2021 Survey of CISOs with Small Security Teams delves into the strategies CISOs will employ to ensure their organizations are protected from the ongoing onslaught of cyber threats – all while saddled with limited budgets and headcount.

The survey findings will also be presented in a live webinar, register here to attend.

Some Fascinating Findings

It was clear from the survey that CISOs with small security teams believe they are exposed to a higher risk than enterprises with larger security teams. These CISOs know…

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