[Video] A $15,000 Network Switch?? – HOLY $H!T

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38 Comments on “[Video] A $15,000 Network Switch?? – HOLY $H!T”

  1. Ok, honest question: when was the last time you went just 3 months without changing your editor’s setups? Like, I enjoy it, but you’ve got to be changing stuff so quickly that they can’t actually settle in to a good flow to take advantage of everything.

  2. @Linus Tech Tips, I have question, I am from Poland – don't mind my English, but in place where I work, for us pretty high-end switches are from cisco, we started with Zyxels, then there were HP ones, and now we are – in our happiness – cisco switches, we also use a lot of other gear from Cisco, like IP Phones, are they outdated? Maybe make some video about just IP Phones – not especially cisco ones, I am just curious if place where I work has really low barrier, like we really think those are great with us – although we know how bad at some moments they are ^^ And I also know IP phones are used only in places like this where I am, other people will rather just use telegram, discord, or even skype ^^ Talking from Europe, will not give country exactly, sorry T.T

  3. Two things, would it be possible to use a network share as a main drive if so that would be an awesome little experiment to run. Have 4 or 5 workstations that don't have internal harddrives all pulling from a single server maybe do some gaming it could be very interesting.

  4. Me seeing a $15K Dell switch – "that's cute". We've got some Cisco Nexus switches on the deployment bench worth a lot more than that currently. Would have been nice to see a test of 25G NIC's without Windows 10 Workstation license to see the impact of that license alone though.

  5. If you want 40 GBPS for your editors, Why not go 40G Base T with Cable Cat 8 instead of Fiber, it has a 30 mts limit yea but can do 40 GBPS and copper is way cheaper than fiber.

  6. You have 10Gigabit internet synchronous, 25Gigabit for your editors and 100Gigabit to the server.
    On a lucky day I have 40Mbit Download and 5Mbit Upload (it's the highest i can get at my location in Austria), my PC is connected to the router per powerlan (so over the electrical wire) and my wifi sucks. Also I don't have any options to run my Own Ethernet cables because I'm living in a very old brick home with the wireing in pipes but those pipes are so small it's a pain got run new wire and also nobody knows which electrical wire goes where.
    So I have a shit ISP and a Home with no Upgrade options it sucks.

  7. Hello linus. Im a freelancer 3d rendering artist. And I want to make a huge improvement of my old 3900x/2080ti build. Im looking for the best Cpu, which is the 3990x now, but Im wondering if a server with dual epyc 7002 will not do a better job… im pretty noob at servers side, so it would be nice to see a video where you could cover all the necesary informations about servers, how to build them and if its worth it. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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