[Video] Airpods Max: an Android User's Perspective

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42 Comments on “[Video] Airpods Max: an Android User's Perspective”

  1. And too poor to buy 550$ this thing, there're bills to pay, as always, there other option, probably better or similar, cheaper and of course, won't die in the next 2 months (bad personal experience with apple) and remember, android nor apple are good, they are the same bullshit

  2. personaly I think that these things are dogshit simply because they cost more than twice some of the other headphones, and have similar sound quality meaning you pay much more for a slight difference in sound quality.

  3. It's an overpriced piece of … design. Sound is garbage due to closed configuration and a bonus of huge level of condensation inside the cups. Thanks but not))

  4. Ha, the 'Samsung Use with Apple Watch' classic!

    I bet the Samsung phone is for work — specifically for his youtube reputation and to befriend the Samsung fanboys. While the iPhone is what he secretly uses for privat 😉

  5. AirPods Pro Max for PC (Windows) Gaming and Discord.

    Hi, I own Beyerdynamic DT 990. They are several years old and I’m looking for a new pair of headphones. My first idea was to buy the DT1990 and a decent DAC and just upgrade my current pair. Then I thought about the features and that I really want to get rid of the cables. If I pay 600€ I want to be able to use my headphones in every situation. The lag of a 3.5mm Jack on almost every flagship phone is forcing me into Bluetooth. I own the AirPods 2 and they work just fine. But the audio is not as good as I want it to be.

    I want to use the AirPods Max for

    1. Gaming

    My first concern is the delay while using Bluetooth. Is it noticeable? I mean there are a lot of wireless options in the market which are specifically designed to game. So the latency should be okay. Do you have any experience with that?

    Can I use them with a cable? If there is any delay in the wireless mode, can I get rid of this while using a cable?
    2. Talking in discord (while using my external mic)

    I’m not going to use the internal mic. But if I talk to people I like to hear myself because otherwise I get a uncountable feeling. I’m not sure if you know what I mean.

    3. Battery replacement

    I’m planing to use them often and potentially for years. Obviously, because the price is 600€.
    Do you know how easy the battery is replaced? What are the costs if Apple is going to do the job?

    4. Listening to music

    I guess this point I have to find out by myself. Music is a personal thing.

    I’m looking forward for your input. Thanks.

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