[Video] Asus Flow X13 Review – AMD + RTX 3080!

My review of the Asus Flow X13. The best gaming laptop from Asus for high performance portable gaming.

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43 Comments on “[Video] Asus Flow X13 Review – AMD + RTX 3080!”

  1. What about the razer book with a razer core? They don’t sell it in one package but I thought the setup is also very powerful. And you use the desktop GPU. It isn’t as powerful as the desktop I know but how much less is it with the core? Or the aorus gaming box. Also small and powerful.

  2. Makes the macbook air seem useless. There's a market for this for sure, and I definitely want one, but even with all that performance, i feel as if there are better value options.

  3. this could be the perfect setup for an engineering student at a dorm who needs something powerful for software and simulations, touch screen for notes/drawings, and would like to game in their off time

  4. I would buy something like this but when you limit the power consumption on the external connector it doesn't make as much sense I feel like if your going to connect something as insane as a 3080 to a laptop in a separate device then make it just that, a real 3080 (desktop grade) and build a decent power delivery system to it then it would appeal to everyone. Let's face it somebody who is going to take this around would not mind if it (external 3080) has a bit more bulk to it then it has now, it's not about aesthetics at that point it's about practicality, most of the time this would sit on a desk at home and the small laptop would go with you wherever, And when you need the raw 3080 you use it. I really dislike when an idea like this is scaled back so far from what It could have been, I would have paid good money for It.

  5. This device does not worth 3299.

    If you are using a external GPU then it's better to spend on a Desktop grade system and put it in a network connectivity location.
    And just use a normal i5 laptop to connect to that desktop on network and use it all the time.
    This way is cheaper, better lasting then heavy laptops and much more efficient.

  6. That thing is so bad ass. Love the looks too. Thanks for sharing! Really was diggin this when you did that video of all the laptops and showed this.

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