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The best gaming laptops in 2021 will have RTX 3060, 3070 and 3080 GPUs inside. But the naming is shady this year. Be informed.
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  1. I REALLY don't like how Nvidia is naming their laptop GPUs this year. It's going to be a much more complex purchase decision. What do you think is the solution? How do you think should they name their laptop GPUs?

  2. I wouldn't mind some of the thicker and more heavy "portable desktop" gaming laptops to help with that aspect. Only problem is…where the fuck are they this year? Hoping they get introduced later sometime later, cause I'm personally not one that really digs the concept of trying to make the thinnest gaming laptops possible. I just want a powerful setup that's easy to transport and doesn't take up as much space as a desktop would.

  3. just a quick question – wouldn't the performance parameter like wattage usage, reflect in benchmarking software and give us an overall idea of how the GPU is performing (in terms of frame rate)?

  4. This video, and the spreadsheet coming of it, is absolutely appreciated. The wattage issue is the biggest minefield and I can find almost no information on any website about the wattage of specific laptop's GPUs.

  5. Consider just calling out the outliers; it's fine if the laptop performs within a reasonable band of its category (eg. 3070 laptops should all be within a similar range). But if a laptop is sitting so far below the average as to be a lower tier (eg. a 3060 by any other name), call it out and identify why: where is all the power going, if not to the GPU?

  6. All they have to do is bring back the M designation for Mobile GPUs and add the Wattage at the side, but noooooo! they just have to remove it, then add further variants of the same god damn GPUs I.E Max-Q and Max-P, Refreshed versions such as the 2019 and 2020 refresh for RTX 20s (Which by the way, NVIDIA also didn't add any specification for refreshed variants so it further adds to the confusion). on top of it all, there's also the different wattage variants such as 80, 90 then 115 watts, so if we'll look at RTX 2060-2080, there are at least 7 Versions of each, the 2019 80, 90, 115 watts, Max-Q, and then the refreshed versions of 2020 80, 90, 115 watts variants.

    It's just plain ridiculous how shady and scammy this is, so if you're a beginner to the Gaming Laptop scene, you'll have no idea what you'll get except for the Max-Q variants. CALL OUT NVIDIA!

  7. and here i am, watching your video on my new Omen gaming laptop and doubting the performance of my new laptop. damn dave, why don't you release this vid earlier. lol 😂😂

  8. Nvidia could keep the Max Q and adopt Max P officially, keeping set wattages.
    Or they could just add the wattage onto the end of the name of the card.

    Nvidia have the power to enforce this. AMD too, but that's not really a problem for now. Don't let them shy away from this responsibility they have.

  9. I think companies are going that way thanks to youtubers saying:
    I hate the size of this power brick
    I hate the size of the fans
    I hate the sounds of the fans
    Oh, this laptop is so thick
    Oh, this laptop is not for you if you wanna be ready to move around
    Oh, this laptop is not for you if you wanna be using it in a library
    I hate the keyboard
    I wich they didn't add the numpad
    This laptop is so slim
    This laptop has great texture
    This laptop is crazy slim
    While real users just want something that performs great and they don't care about the size or the weight as long as it fits into a backpack 😂 has anyone saw beeple laptop? Thats a true laptop user and his laptop is thiiiiiick
    Real users want the numpad, want the real power, a full keyboard layout.
    And do not care about the weight of the power brick and how thick the laptop is. No one is playing csgo or rendering projects on an airplane or the library.
    So thank you youtubers for crying about the things that doesn't matter ✌️

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