[Video] Beware of Fake Reviews! ⚠️

Just a heads up to double check where you get your info from – Fake Tech and smartphone Reviews…

[Video] Beware of Fake Reviews! ⚠️ 1
[Video] Beware of Fake Reviews! ⚠️ 2
[Video] Beware of Fake Reviews! ⚠️ 3
[Video] Beware of Fake Reviews! ⚠️ 4
[Video] Beware of Fake Reviews! ⚠️ 5

24 Comments on “[Video] Beware of Fake Reviews! ⚠️”

  1. this is not the only type of fake review. this week I was looking to buy an external monitor and I found a lot of videos from small channels. as it turns out benq had sent free monitors to these people and told them to say good things about them in 3 minute videos so these people just listed the specs and said that they loved the monitor. if something like this pops up to you just beware!

  2. people need ti wake up and realize how much fakery and illegitamate content exists on the internet. because you can earn some money for viewers clicking your content, it becomes an easy way to make money. the type of videos that annoy me the most are the faceless ones with also a computerized voice that reads the script. and you can tell it is a compilation of other channels' content. any time you search for "top [fill in the item you are researching, such as phones, scanners, streamers, etc]" you are guaranteed to get these types of bogus videos.

  3. am i the only one here watching his video to see more of him and less of information ? only me?
    shit i almost feel guilty beacause TRUST ME I watched ALMOST EVERY VIDEO amd he create video for an entirely different purpose and i watxh it JUST TO SEE HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE???!!!

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