[Video] Do I REGRET switching to iPhone?

6 months ago I switched from an Android Samsung phone to iPhone – Do I regret it?
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  1. If you add up the hours you spend watching ads on YouTube on an iPhone, or the money you pay for premium to not have ads, its better to just go with Android and be able to download anything you want like ad free YouTube.

  2. As a person who has to use an iPhone for work….it is the most boring ass experience..period. Only thing that may peak my curiosity is imessage. My main phone (Note 20 Ultra) feels like an experience. I get whatever I need done faster, it's overall faster, taking pictures and doing whatever else with the pictures after is faster, settings are big noticeable changes and faster..etc etc. iPhone (as with Mac laptops) is just a bland and boring experience. Android is the multi tasking boss. We won't even get into how a $400 Android is probably able to accomplish everything and then some over a $1000+ apple device. To each its own though…

  3. Hyy Arun bhaiya love from paradeep , odisha myself somyajit Priyadershi and I am reading in std 10 , i see all of your videos in my mother's phone everyday . I am going to attend my 10th board exam in may 4 onward please bless me and i need a phone for my online classes because my mom is a employee so I can't attend many classes due to unavailabile of phone
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  4. I'm switching to an iPhone 11 next week, really excited! I've used Android my entire life but I think it's time to hop over to the other side and see what's up. Personally, I don't need the newest of the new and I've only heard positive things about the 11, so I can't wait. In the end, it's really up to each person individually and that's what makes phones so cool too.

  5. Apple: Here is our smartphone you can use it in our way with our gadgets and services.
    Android: Here our smartphones you can choose the one you like, use it in a way want, with service and gadgets you enjoy

  6. I switched over to the 11 Pro Max right before the 12’s came out; this was intentional. Your explanation for the decision to switch or not to switch was spot on. I haven’t regretted my decision either and will be getting the 16” MacBook in the spring for college

  7. Hi Arun, you always make videos after studying lot about the topic and present the information in the proper way. Can you please gather some data about the durable laptops. My last two laptops were consumer laptops and they were not durable. In this lockdown, after using continuously 8 hours per day for 10 months most parts of my laptops are damaged. So please make a video about consumer vs business laptop durability and please tell us about durable laptops Like Dell- Lattitude series, HP-Elitebook series, Lenovo-Thinkpad series.

  8. I'm a note 10+ user. Looking for a change kinda. I'm a long time android user. I'm looking at other phone like the i phone 12. But I don't wanna loose my pen. Should I jump ship and try iPhone or just wait till a better phone comes out?

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