[Video] Do they think gamers are suckers?

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[Video] Do they think gamers are suckers? 1
[Video] Do they think gamers are suckers? 2
[Video] Do they think gamers are suckers? 3
[Video] Do they think gamers are suckers? 4
[Video] Do they think gamers are suckers? 5

32 Comments on “[Video] Do they think gamers are suckers?”

  1. I was happy with my Optoma HD142X with a 150" screen for movies and console gaming until it started blinking off every couple of minutes trying to rediscover the HDMI signal. I haven't found a working fix despite lots of troubleshooting.

  2. "Let's see how it plays, (pretends to play) feels pretty responsive." Fu*king tech influencers are scum of the earth liars who manipulate their viewers into buy dumb products. Notice how even tho this is something you should never buy, he doesn't tell you that or talk trash about it… cause they gave him the projector and are paying him to review it in a positive light.

  3. yeah they are. check out how nvidia and amd increased the prices of x70 class gpus through out the years. Nobody actually saw that wait a minute, they are overcharging, so I shouldn't buy the GPU. Now we are at a stage where x70 costs "$500++". So yeah PCMR are suckers.

  4. I've always mounted my projector at the height of the top of the screen. No keystone adjustment required, no risk of blocking the picture. But yeah, unless you want a screen bigger than 70", a TV is going to be better for most rooms (light control).

  5. Ofcourse they are.They do nothing but spending so many hours in front of a console or a computer.They have no life also.What kind of question is this?They also spent momey on what ever youtubers shows them.Oh and i see so many negative comments here.Im sure from frustrated gamers.It's ok one comment does not change the fact thaf you are a sucker:D

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