[Video] Expensive vs Cheap Coffee Maker

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33 Comments on “[Video] Expensive vs Cheap Coffee Maker”

  1. I'm not down with the app situation on this machine – it's such a gimmick. Also, storing beans inside a home machine that gets used once or twice a day isn't going to produce optimum flavour IMO.

  2. Also, whoever is grading the footage now needs to bring it out of whatever log you are using a little better. It seems a little too flat. Way too flat.
    But this was a fun video! And still love the videos!

  3. Dang. I miss the old set. I haven't been enjoying the new ones. Videos are still awesome! And that's why I still watch them. But I miss the old set and the music used in the older videos used to be better.

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  5. I will say that is kinda obvious that the Spinn is better. Instat coffe and capsule coffe vs a caffe machine that grinds fresh hole beans. I think i would be more fair if it was a coffe maker with a quality coffe filter, caffe machine that grinds hole beans and Spinn. I must say that i love this typ of content but just make it fairer. 🙂

  6. Ok yeah based on what I’ve seen this Spinn machine seems like a total train wreck they missed there original launch of 2017 and then missed another in 2019 now saying 2021? WTH if this doesn’t signal alarms then I don’t know what will since seemingly only YouTube’s have these machines. Feels like a failed Kickstarter. Spinn doesn’t even allow comments on the showcase YouTube video.

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