[Video] How did Microsoft screw this up?

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24 Comments on “[Video] How did Microsoft screw this up?”

  1. I wouldn't blame microsoft for the shitty ARM performance. blame qualcomm's weak SOC. Once microsoft has their own ARM SOC solution, it will perform better.

  2. Apple's like China. If you want your stuff in their turf, you do what Apple wants. With Microsoft, they have to be more careful and make sure they continue to support traditional stuff and can't afford to just give everyone the finger like Apple can. Of course Apple is also so much like China that the end user has to abide to their rules too and that's why I'll never buy an Apple product.

  3. The benchmark comparing a virtualized (using a beta version of QEMU with lots of patchs) version of Windows for ARM (wihtout the latest updates) versus the fully fledged Win10 for ARM in the most premium Microsoft device is all you need to see to realize that Apple has hit the jackpot hard this time. Kudos to Apple when is due.

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