[Video] I Finally Bought an Electric Car…

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41 Comments on “[Video] I Finally Bought an Electric Car…”

  1. Car Looks SICKKKKK! Good for you Lew!!!! When I saw the thumbnail; I thought you were about to pull the sheet of too reveal a freaking FORD ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    I have been watching your videos "here & there" for @ least a year or 2. However, I have recently found myself watching more of your videos. I always appreciate your calm & cool demeanor when giving your thoughts & opinions on whatever topic.

    I recently noticed while watching one of your (LaterClips) videos (about the Cyberpunk debacle); that I have never seen you participate in the growing trend of the "Outrage Culture". Which is something that I definitely appreciate & a characteristic that I admire in every person & especially someone with a giant platform like yours! Thanks for the content! I am subscribing here on YT & just found the podcast. Congrats on the car & the success! I think you & those who help you deserve it!

  2. I drove last gen BMW X5, then Velar as a company car. And then I was given Tesla X and I was beyond disappointed. Performance is there but the quality is just lacking. I ended up switching with my coworker who got twins and really needed the extra room in his car. It's Mamba green Taycan 4S with the red and black leather interior and Mission E rims, and I'm very happy with it!! To be honest that's not exterior or interior color I would have chosen but I have to say it's best looking one on the company parking lot!! (We curently have 5 Taycans and 10 Model Xs).

  3. I dont understand why everyone who buys the Taycan is always so apologetic to the Tesla fan boys. Its clearly a car better car but you always scared to say so, why? You dont owe them anything

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