[Video] Let's Build a Bang-for-the-Buck AMD Gaming PC!!

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[Video] Let's Build a Bang-for-the-Buck AMD Gaming PC!! 1
[Video] Let's Build a Bang-for-the-Buck AMD Gaming PC!! 2
[Video] Let's Build a Bang-for-the-Buck AMD Gaming PC!! 3
[Video] Let's Build a Bang-for-the-Buck AMD Gaming PC!! 4
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38 Comments on “[Video] Let's Build a Bang-for-the-Buck AMD Gaming PC!!”

  1. For me there is a constant black screen, randomly, but like every minute. Why no one is mentioning this?! Quite annoying! Fix the stream setup! PS: finally you fixed the door, the random strangers behind the door was quite funny 😁

  2. Lucky I have never had a RAM problem, currently 3600 corsair vengeance 2x16gb kit cl18 on a 5950x asus prime x570 pro, I like kingston but couldnt find the right one, Gskill is in my old sandy bridge 2500k.
    I think it's the brands that use hynix chips that have most the problems.

  3. Microcenter is great….if you live near one. If not then they are worthless as they won't ship anything useful.

    I've wanted to buy tons of stuff from them but they make it impossible so I have to go elsewhere.

  4. Maybe I am strange, but I have 3 different PC at home, and all of them are connected to 5.1 speaker system, and 2 of them are connected using the 5.1 3.5mm audio jacks as the motherboards don't have digital audio outputs.

    What can I say sometimes its just nicer to use speakers rather than headphones, and if you have a nice IPS monitor watching stuff on prime or nowtv is also better reasonable quality speakers, and a £250 PC 5.1 speaker setup tends to sound better than a soundbar in the same price range.

  5. At minute 50 you have a problem getting the adapter for the front panel USB-C cable to connect the mobo. I had the same problem with my Lian Li O11 Dynamic Razer Edition build from last week. I found the part at my local PC parts vendor MPC Electronics in San Diego, CA. I also found it at Newegg as well. It’s called this:

    USB 3.1 Front Panel Socket to USB 3.0 20Pin Header Male Extension Cable Adapter for Motherboard Card 20P USB to Type-E Connector

  6. Funnily enough next week I'm going shopping for a 5th gen AMD system also as bang to the buck as you can be.
    Also can the stock amd cpu cooler handle high ambient temperatures of 35-41c under heavy load ? since I live in the middle east with no AC whatsoevet

  7. Is my gaming setup good?

    CPU:Ryzen 5 3600XT

    Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix B550-F

    GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

    RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB (2×8GB)

    HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB

    SSD: WD 1TB Blue SN550 Gen3

    Power supply: Corsair RM750X

    Case: NZXT H710 CA-H710B-B1

    CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U12S chromax

  8. The video is great and exactly what i was looking for as i am about to build a new pc, first in 8 years, but i liked the video for the peeling of stickers in Andy's tech upcrade. I swear if that vid doesn't have a ball of stickers at the end!!!! lol

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