[Video] LG's Brightest OLED Display Yet…

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38 Comments on “[Video] LG's Brightest OLED Display Yet…”

  1. Sir im 22 years old sir in my family theres only one phone which is 7 years old and 2gb ram i need phone for my studies im missing lot of classes and i cant opem any study materials in this phone sir.i wanted to work earn money and buy phone but my brother met with accident and his leg is broken so the money i get paid are been using for his treatment and medicines sir im IIT 59% hold sir in a family theres only one hope to study but now i cant im missing lot of classes i cant study well in this phone please please help me sir

  2. Big words like: “unplayable” I play on my 7 year old TV and have noticed zero of the input lag or any of that shit these people talking about.. i know it’s sounds good but if you just chilling and playing you don’t need a $4-5k TV.. also the shit they talking is what the big companies want you to spend your last dime even if it is unnoticable for your eyes 2-4 meters from your TV.. big screen, decent 4K with good video and audio codec support and good smart features.. all you need..
    But if you have money to burn.. good 😅

  3. yeah cool tv, very cool tech
    the thing i like most of those tv is that when they will came out the older version will be cheaper and i finally can afford that.

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