[Video] My Expectations were SHATTERED!

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[Video] My Expectations were SHATTERED! 1
[Video] My Expectations were SHATTERED! 2
[Video] My Expectations were SHATTERED! 3
[Video] My Expectations were SHATTERED! 4
[Video] My Expectations were SHATTERED! 5

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  1. Hey linus what would I have to do to have you help me pick out my first pc build and build it with your help. Might be a great video idea. You help me build my first computer and it would help your viewers like me that are new to pc building get all their questions answered. As a lot of new people may have questions that tech experts may find to be common knowledge

  2. I've been using GlassWire long before it had a sponsorship, probably the best data monitor you can have (widget on home screen, monthly/weekly/daily filters, presets for different plans, etc)

  3. All the people in the comments who are comparing this to the switch should go look up vaio ux. This machine is literally just vaio ux with a faster processor and more game controls.

  4. I bought a GPD Win 2 a few years ago….it was some of the worst money I've ever spent. It came with a defective screen, gets too hot to hold, is too loud to use in public, and just has too many flaws for me to ever trust GPD with my money ever again.

  5. I wanna get my son a gaming pc but don't know what get my budget 2500,and its his first gaming pc.but I wanna be able to use as well.for the fam.any advise,will be highly appreciated.

  6. Switch is definetely cheaper, but I feel comparing them is incorrect thing to do, because they have different purposes. Nintendo machine is less powerful and has an artificial limitation on a software that can be run on it, while this one is "all included" thing.

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