[Video] PC Master Race Tries to Beat Xbox Series X

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33 Comments on “[Video] PC Master Race Tries to Beat Xbox Series X”

  1. What I don't get is people do these videos and never add in the price that you are forced to pay the Xbox/ps5 subscription's just to play online games. At a monthly to yearly payment.

  2. So in the end that's a win again of the PC Master Race.

    For real though, you account for only the buying price while a console player first of all, would need a PC anyway to do stuff, prices of games on console are way higher, and finally there's the subscription to pay online. So while you pay your console 500$ today, at the end of the generation when the new one will come out, your bill will be closer to 1300-1500$ (assuming you play more than a single game per year, if that's not the case, a console would be worth it indeed).

    So yeah, not really fair comparison.

  3. I don't know, consoles and pcs are two different things, a console can't really do anything besides streaming and gaming, however my pc can do both, and surf the web easily, writing essays, video edit, render, the pc is just so much more versatile

  4. Xbox tearing is the fault of your TV and not the Xbox you guys should know this. Buying a higher quality TV will fix this as it'll support the differing framerates

  5. In the last comparison of Doom Eternal, when he is comparing how it looks, the lighting through the fog in the background is far better on PC. There were shafts of light coming through the grates.

  6. to be fair the xbnox is not 500$. you dont really own it. you have to buy subscription, so its a rented device with 500$ downpayment and repairs are on you
    that said, currently its the best hardwaredeal. even tough we should consider the xbox at 1400$ for 5 years usage.
    but even at that price you gonna be on a similar price level on pc, just you need to buy those games. but ofc pc has also other usage

  7. They are using adaptive resolution scaling in Doom Eternal. You can see the percentage right next to the resolution there. That's why it's locked at 60 FPS because as soon as it goes below 60 FPS you lower the resolution until it gets above 60. It's not actual 4K what the fuck how could they miss this. Holy shit

  8. The console itself seems well priced for it's power. BUT… what happened once you include about 5-6 games for it into the cost? Or however many games you're expecting to buy.

  9. Well, not a single mention of dynamic resolution scaling on Doom Eternal. Both PC and XBOX do resolution scaling. There is no performance tracker on XBOX apparently, so you cant tell what is the percentage. Thus it makes 0 sense to compare PC and XBOX there apart from basic impressions, unless it drops to 50%. Yes, basic impressions are ok, but… meh. As more modern games use RS, the less easily comparable theyd be on different platforms.

  10. I like PC because I like paying for my internet only once. $60 A year, or $120 when Microsoft decides to push it through is a lot. Never mind the fact that games are more expensive as well.

  11. game devs: whining about how our pc can't play their game because our pc is trash
    doom eternal and bethesda in general: if it can run paint, it can play games
    seriously though,why aren't devs making their games EXTREMELY well optimized?

  12. You are using a keyboard and mouse to setup so you have to count that too, as well as the O/S for a true cost. Oh not sure about this but my sons Xbox also came with and ultra HDMI cable too.

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